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ADL Against Mel: The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and its Director Abe Foxman have led the attack against Mel Gibson and his movie, “The Passion of the Christ.” was chosen because:

1) it has a nice ring to it, and it is easy to remember;

2) the ADL was the most consistently publicized group – but not the only group -- attacking the movie and its director, at least from where we were sitting;

3) the ADL is in fact a DEFAMATION group and a spy operation, brought into existence in 1913 to defend against the criticism which the Jewish Supremists knew was coming, since in that same year their faction grabbed control of the money-issuing in the United States through the private, Jewish dominated corporation, The Federal Reserve Board. The Jewish Supremists knew that they were about to use their newly gained power to undermine and weaken the American nation, and so they put the ADL in place to viciously smear and defame anyone who caught onto what they were doing, and began to warn the American people.

The ADL has always defamed anyone who spoke out against unwholesome manifestations against Jewish Power. Prominent Americans who have been smeared by the ADL include Charles Lindbergh Sr., the great Congressman (for his role in keeping the US out of the Jewish scheme known as the League of Nations); the great aviator Charles Lindbergh, Jr. (for his speech noting that there was an unhealthy Jewish domination of American media right before World War II); Henry Ford, the great inventor and Industrialist (for his exposure of unwholesome and destructive Jewish influence in his monumental compilations under the title, “The International Jew”; the great Congressman Louis T. McFadden (for his energetic exposure in the 1930s of the international Banksters behind the private corporation, The Federal Reserve Board, which single-handedly engineered the 1929 Great Depression, and which is still afflicting us today); and this is just a beginning.

For a more thorough treatment of this subject of the ADL’s smear machine against sincere Americans, see former Congressman Paul Findley’s book, “They Dare to Speak Out: People and Institutions confront Israel’s Lobby”, as well as the book compiled by Willis Carto and Liberty Lobby, “Conspiracy Against Freedom: a documentation of one campaign of the Anti-Defamation League against freedom of speech and thought in America (omit period)”; also see Ted Pike’s video, “’Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians” – a shocking expose of the ADL’s machinations to make criminals of those who oppose their agenda.

4) the ADL is a full blown spying network of 30 regional offices across the United States with a budget of tens of millions of dollars, if not hundreds of millions of dollars per year. The ADL keeps files on any American who threatens their agenda of Jewish Supremacy over all the nations of the world. Needless to say, the ADL is opposed by some Jews who do not support their agenda. You can read an article about ADL spying by a Jewish author here:

The ADL was caught with the files of 10,000 Americans in their possession circa 1993 when their offices were searched. The LA and San Francisco offices of the ADL were involved. After about six years, the ADL was ordered to pay (for them) a pittance of a fine or two (about $25,000 in one instance, and about $50,000 in the other); In 2002, a court awarded former Congressman Paul N. McCloskey of California $150,000 to be paid to him by the ADL on account of their spying activities against him. And there is much more to the story.

The target for early 2004 for the ADL and its current director, Abe Foxman, has been Mel Gibson and his movie, “The Passion of the Christ.”

Conclusion: Thus, for all the above reasons, the website address of – is most appropriate.

But that name did not tell the whole story, so we also have another web address which leads to the same website:

Definition: Deicide: Main Entry: de·i·cide
Pronunciation: “daý-ĭ-side”
Function: noun

Etymology: ultimately from Latin deus god + -cidium, -cida -cide -- more at DEITY

1 : the act of killing a divine being or a symbolic substitute of such a being

2 : the killer or destroyer of a god (from the Merriam-Webster dictionary online)

So a Deicide Denier, in the context of this website, is one who denies that Jesus was God, and therefore denies that the God-Man was put to death on Calvary 2000 years ago.

All the leaders to whom the Open Letter is addressed – deny that Jesus was God, and therefore deny that the God-Man was put to death on Calvary 2000 years ago. These leaders go further, and try to deny that the Jewish Sanhedrin was the moving force behind the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ in 33 A.D.

Unfortunately for them, certain Jewish Scholars have refuted this pretension.

David Klinghoffer does so in Scripting the Scriptures in the May 2, 2003 Forward; as did Steven Bayme on the American Jewish Committee website in his article, Jesus in the Talmud; and David Klinghoffer resurfaced in the Los Angeles Times on January 1, 2004 with a blockbuster article entitled: Passion follows the Scripture. That article can be read here:

The term “Deicide Denier” is a play on the phrase “holocaust denier.” The epithet “holocaust denier” is thrown at anyone who does not REVERENTIALLY embrace every aspect and implication of the Hollywood version of “the holocaust.” This formerly effective label was thrown at Hutton Gibson, father of Mel Gibson, when he questioned that 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazis during World War II. However, the Jewish Supremists quickly dropped direct attacks on the elder Mr. Gibson, as they found out that whenever it was brought up by their media mouthpieces -- their media outlets were hammered with letters, emails, and calls from Americans who knew that Hutton Gibson had done his homework and was telling the truth.

So, anyone who questions the already thoroughly discredited 6 million number regarding victims of “the holocaust” under the Nazis – is called a “holocaust denier.” Don't get us wrong, even one person killed unjustly is a wrong with eternal implications, especially if that person happens to be you. But facts are facts, and the Jewish Supremist lobby has been falsifying facts about "the holocaust", especially since 1970, in order to saddle Christians everywhere with a crushing, manufactured guilt.

People are easily manipulated when they feel intense guilt and fear. Through this induced guilt, the Jewish Supremists have successfully extorted 100 Billion Dollars from the everyday people of Germany and the USA since World War II (that's about $30,000 dollars from your family, if you are an American).

Furthermore, the Jewish Supremist Media has pushed the absolutely absurd and false concept that "Hitler was out to kill every Jew in the world just because he or she was Jewish. FALSE! Hitler killed plenty of people, and plenty of Jews -- and he was a world class super criminal -- but the proposition that he was out to kill every Jewish person in the world is disproved by the evidence, including the writings of Jewish author Elie Wiesel in the description of his decision to flee the advancing Russians and stay with the German Nazis in 1945.

The purpose of this lie is to try and gain acceptance for the idea that "the holocaust" was a unique event in human history because it was the only attempt to kill every person in a particular race. To repeat, this is an utterly absurd falsity with the intent to paralyze critical thinking so that no one dare question anything, no matter how absurd, that the Jewish screen writers in Hollywood churn out.

This subject of the Nazi/Zionist cooperation from 1933 to 1945 is dealt with -- replete with plenty of documentation -- in the Open Letter which is the center piece of this website. And don't worry, reams more of evidence will be added before it's all over, as time alone prevented us from putting it all up at once. You can find the beginning of this documentation in the section entitled: "The Founders of Israel were Nazi Collaborators." Hitler was constantly cooperating with the Zionists to let certain Jews who had been rounded up by the Nazis AND the Jewish police in Jewish neighborhoods -- go down to Palestine in preparation for the takeover of Palestinian land in 1948. A reading of the book Perfidy (1961) by the Jewish Hollywood Screenwriter, Ben Hecht, is enough to convince any fair minded person that Hitler, evil as he was, was not trying to kill every Jew in the world, but was in full cooperation with the plan to move a large number of Jews to Palestine.

The Gibson movie about the passion of Christ has, unintentionally, flushed dozens and dozens of Jewish Supremist spokesmen out of the woodwork and into the open, in a way that the average American can understand. The Jewish spokesmen who have opposed The Passion of the Christ have, quite logically and necessarily from their point of view of, have denied that Christ was God, sometimes explicitly, sometimes implicitly. These same spokesmen, with the exception of a very few, have also denied that their predecessors from the 1st century had anything to do with the crucifixion of Christ.

The four Jewish leaders to whom this website is addressed all deny that Christ was God and all have pretended that they think it is “outrageous” to imply that the Jewish Sanhedrin had any major role, or, in some cases, any role at all, in the engineering of the Crucifixion of Christ. (In these two projected attitudes, these Jewish Supremist Leaders directly contradict the New Testament and the Talmud.) Thus, these leaders are, quite literally, Deicide Deniers.



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